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What is WOGE

By the China Chamber of Commerce for the Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Petroleum Industry Chamber of Commerce, the Hainan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Hainan Provincial Petroleum, Natural Gas and Chemical Industry Federation, the CCTC Oil Union Group, Hainan Hongfan Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. jointly hosted by the 7th World Oil and Gas Equipment Expo (WOGE) will be held on November 8-10, 2022 in the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center as scheduled, the exhibition period is divided into The exhibition period is divided into "one exhibition and two meetings", the same period will also hold the World Oil and Gas Conference and buyers meet, the exhibition scale of professional buyers 2000 people, VIP buyers 300, 150 exhibitors, WOGE has been successfully held in Oman, Russia, Iran tour 6 sessions, the cumulative total of service exhibitors 500, VIP professional buyers WOGE has been successfully held in Oman, Russia and Iran for 6 times, serving 500 exhibitors and 3,000 VIP professional buyers. WOGE vertically builds an export-oriented world oil and gas exhibition. The exhibition is based in Hainan, radiation Central Asia, Russia, Central and Eastern Europe market for the purpose of inviting enterprises from all over the country to participate in the exhibition, covering oil and gas exploration, mining technology and equipment; petroleum and chemical industry sets and ancillary technology and equipment; oil and gas, chemical pipeline, and pipeline engineering technology and equipment; fluid machinery technology and equipment (pipeline/pumps/valves) and other exhibitors. It is understood that the organizing committee is currently carrying out a comprehensive invitation to the professional audience, will make every effort to invite multinational oil companies across the country, oil and gas field owners, oil service companies, refineries, large-scale chemical plants, crude oil and refined oil reserves, LNG processing plants and receiving stations, LNG reserves, upstream, midstream and downstream EPC engineering companies, city gas companies, national and local oil and gas pipeline network operators, exploration, mining and chemical engineering. planning and design institutes, private gas station chains and other enterprises in the whole industry chain.

Why WOGE is located in Hainan

WOGE's positioning in Hainan not only focuses on the "window" function of Hainan under the favorable policies of the Belt and Road, but also takes into account Haikou's beautiful ecological environment, rich tourism resources, experience in hosting high-end conferences around the world, as well as special policies such as tax exemption for departing from the country and visa-on-arrival, and the fact that the South China Sea in which Haikou is situated is rich in oil and gas resources, with promising prospects for exploration and exploitation. Haikou is located in the South China Sea area is rich in oil and gas resources, the prospect of exploitation is broad. In recent years, China's South China Sea waters oil and gas exploration has made significant breakthroughs, Hainan around the Gulf of Tonkin, Yingge Sea and Qiongdongdong region, oil, natural gas, combustible ice and other energy exploration prospects, including oil, natural gas has been proved reserves accounted for the South China Sea, respectively, of the total amount of 25% and 75%, known as the world's second "Persian Gulf". The development and utilization of oil and gas resources in the South China Sea is of great strategic significance for reducing China's dependence on foreign oil and gas and guaranteeing national energy security. Hainan is now steadily promoting the construction of free trade port with Chinese characteristics, step by step and stage by stage to establish a free trade port policy and institutional system, the policy dividends continue to release. Benefit from the superior location conditions and major policy benefits, Hainan is expected to become an important international energy transit terminal, strategic reserve base, oil and natural gas and other commodities distribution and trading centers, which helps to enhance China's marine resources development services to ensure the ability to better serve the country's major strategies. Oil and gas chemical industry is also included in the province's focus on cultivating one of the twelve key industries. On the other hand, Hainan South China Sea has abundant energy reserves. Hainan Island has China's largest commercial oil and gas reserves, is a national oil, gas and chemical trading center, but also China's largest commercial oil and LNG reserve base.WOGE settled in Hainan will play a positive role in promoting Hainan as the development of oil and gas export trade. Let China's many oil, gas and chemical equipment companies through overseas trade become an international trend! By then, Hainan, China will be the Hainan of the world, WOGE will show the latest products, technologies and services in the field of oil and gas to the world, and it is an important exhibition platform for international oil, gas and chemical equipment enterprises to explore the oil and gas market of the "Belt and Road" in a multi-dimensional and precise way! Welcome to visit the exhibition!


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